Towering high in the peaks of Cannes close to the Californie observatory, The One villa enjoys a special vantage point offering unique views across the Mediterranean and the Cap d’Antibes. Upon entering the property, guests are struck first and foremost by how easy it is to navigate the grounds. The path leading up to the entrance adds a sense of perspective and depth that intuitively guides visitors to the front doors.

Access is made straight-forward thanks to a collection of different maps. An impenetrable, security system incorporates a gate, security access barriers, service access points and various controls designed in a refined minimalist style, beyond which lies a second space of a buffer zone comprising a courtyard, a garage and a fitness room fully integrated into the garden. A third section follows, featuring a front wall on which the name of the property is displayed. A staircase containing steps leads seamlessly towards a levelled garden enclosing the pool areas and a pool house set against a backdrop of the sea. More than a mere forecourt, the garden’s spaces and landscape design make it a veritable spectacle of greenery amidst which the villa nestles like a work of art in a natural exhibition space.

The villa is characterised by a decidedly artistic streak, rising up like a sculpture in a unique and precious one-of-a-kind monument. The refined, considered aesthetics of the property lend it a thoroughly unique and special feel, based on a simple concept that aims to provide a sense of harmony and cohesiveness with respect to the villa’s openings by surrounding the building with an open-facing effect from which the property’s majestic main entrance can be gleaned, offering immediately visible glimpses of the villa’s indoor halls and corridors with an ever-present feeling of clearness and an incredible combination of emotion and logical lines. On the ground floor, vast, open and airy spaces house a three part reception area comprising a living room, dining room and kitchen opening onto the Mediterranean view. A service access point, a technical room and a utility room ensure logistical management behind the scenes.

The first floor is home to four en-suite bedrooms, including a sumptuous master suite with private terraces and full sweeping views of the Mediterranean. A central gallery opening onto to the entrance provides access to the entire space while offering incredible views of the surroundings. A staircase leads up to a rooftop terrace that serves as the villa’s very own private observatory. This spacious pedestal is made up of various different open spaces such as a summer bar area, sweeping curtained lounge that literally dominates the surroundings like the Cannes observatory, inspiring thoughts of memories to come.

The landscaped garden boasts a rich variety of atmospheres and feels: a long infinity pool with poolside and underwater music facility that offers sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and the garden, a sheltered pool house with summer kitchen tucked away in a garden of aromatic herbs and facing out onto the sea, a lounge that acts as an extension of the living room giving onto the view and a secret garden to the south that offers an alternative view of the property.

The designers of The One aimed for perfection, emphasising the villa’s unique identity by prioritising exceptional lighting completed by a cinema screen that can be pulled down in the charming main entrance hall in a tribute to Cannes’ cinematic heritage, displayed with the property’s characteristic originality.


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